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At this point, one could, and more than likely should, just shrug and sigh, “What’s the matter with kid’s lit these days?

” That is, until one realizes that Pattinson is now being valorized on the cover of .

The evolution of an attempt at obtaining a "sexy" selfie.

It's no use @_annapaquin, cute as we are, we're just too silly.

Since then the vampire craze has already seemed to boom and then slowly fade out.

We all might know what Robert Pattinson and his ex-girlfriend Kristen Stewart are up to, but what about the rest of the Cullen clan?

co-stars were joined at the event by Adam Brody, Josh Hutcherson, Abigail Spencer, Zach Braff, Jurnee Smollett-Bell, Aldis Hodge, Vanessa Williams, Freddie Highmore, Will Arnett, Matt Lanter, Eliza Coupe, Ron Livingston, Alex Russell, Michael Mando, Tiya Sircar, Stana Katic, Daniel Dae Kim and Matt Tarses.

As soon as Robert Pattinson was cast, he moved to Oregon and began working on his character, both physically and mentally.Pattinson is 23 years old, so more power to his new-founded faux-jailbait wiles (in the movies, he’s supposed to be perpetually 17 years old), but remember: He plays a teenage vampire in an overhyped children’s cottage industry, not the second coming of James Dean or even George Clooney. Considering how much hand-wringing the films exhibit over selectively neutering Edward as a sexual threat, it should stand to reason that someone should call them on their questionable morals.This is a guy who should be featured on the cover of series, in one form or another, only bolsters the films’ quasi-moral angle to the story. And yet, while your youngin’s Pattinson fetish may be kinda cute in an unsound kind of way, as with my hairbag’s ill-timed yodeling, it should only be encouraged so much. Cullen is good because he’s not a lone wolf, but rather part of a vampire family.In addition, director Catherine Hardwike painted herself.

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Nikki Reed was the one who got the producers to add Robert Pattinson's songs to the film.

) Kim Basinger and her daughter, but I didn’t get a picture with her.