Reasons for dating a baseball player

28-Jan-2018 02:27

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Of course, with every questionable side, there is indeed a bright side.I found my partner’s commitment to the game endearing and his desire to keep the spirit of the game alive inspiring.

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It might be fun and in many ways fulfilling to date a tennis player, but be careful, it is possible that you have stumbled upon one who isn’t worth all the struggle and efforts.You may have seen me around, on the sideline of a game, or met me at your team’s end-of-season banquet. And although, throughout the first month of our relationship, my better half tried in earnest to teach me the intricacies of a forehand, there was one thing that became quickly clear: I came second to the disc. Just like baseball players may trade baseball cards; ultimate players trade jerseys.You see, ultimate is more than just a game; ultimate players live and breathe ultimate: they go to ultimate parties, they spend copious amounts of time with teammates and opponents alike, they stream videos of ultimate from their desks at work, and they take vacations to exotic places… The first thing I noticed was the sheer time commitment. Evenings before a tournament, “jersey talk” ensued, which largely consisted of which jerseys would be most appealing during “trade night”.A common occurrence in the household played out something like this: He would come home from a long practice, only to then throw his cleats down and grab another pair. I developed a theory that the choice of colors was strategic; the louder your color, the higher likelihood of you never being missed on the field (but with it, the higher likelihood of a migraine).

Imagine every design faux pas combined and sublimated on a polyester shirt — that sums up an ultimate jersey.

Maybe it’s best you settled for a nice, safe doubles player. Most of the time, tournaments take place during the weekend, and not just one day, but Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

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