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Lévi-Strauss is recognized for contributing to the emergence of this theoretical perspective from his work on anthropology focused on systems of generalized exchange, such as kinship systems and gift exchange.

Peter Blau focused his early writings on social exchange theory more towards the economic and utilitarian perspective, whereas Homans focused on reinforcement principles which presuppose individuals base their next social move on past experiences.

Third, when evaluating these algorithms there is a large di¤erence between the results using US GDP as compared to UK GDP or simulated data from models fit to US GDP.

Specifically, turning points are much easier to detect in US GDP than in other series.

Bry, G., Boschan, C., (1971), Cyclical Analysis of Time Series: Selected Procedures and Computer Programs, New York, NBER. Burnside, C., (1998), "Detrending and Business Cycle Facts: A Comment". Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago Economic Perspectives, 4th Quarter, pp.

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Under job order costing, the exact costs incurred in the production of a particular unit are recorded and are not necessarily averaged with those of any other unit, since every unit may be different.

Management needs this information in order to make informed decisions about production levels, pricing, competitive strategy, future investment, and a host of other concerns.

Such information is primarily necessary for internal use, or managerial accounting.

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