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The duo's debut studio album, We Started Nothing, was released on by Columbia Records and peaked at number one on the UK Albums Chart.Katie White started her music career as a school-time hobby in a girl group punk trio TKO—short for Technical Knock Out—with two friends from Lowton School, Marion Grethe Seaman and Emma Lally.The Ting-Tings had enjoyed runaway success with two New Wave-ish songs marked by sassy vocals and funky bass -- "That's Not My Name" and "Shut Up and Let Me Go" -- but after a lukewarm reception for their follow-up, they went to clear their heads in Ibiza's winter."It's quite a fascinating island because in-season it's known as one of the clubbing capitals.

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The pair, along with friend Simon Templeman, went on to form the Portishead-influenced trio Dear Eskiimo, who signed to Mercury Records.However, due to a change of directors and managers, the management style of the record label caused them to split.The experience left White and De Martino with a distrust of the music industry.Later in 2007, the band were signed to major label Columbia Records and "Great DJ" was released as the duo's debut major-label single in March 2008, followed by the reissue of "That's Not My Name".

They appeared at Glastonbury Festival and toured around universities in U.

The duo, Katie White and Jules De Martino, started out in 2007 in an arty community in Manchester’s Islington Mill development.