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30-Jul-2017 13:21

“It would have to be the camaraderie we had behind the scenes,” Raven shared with Buzzfeed. I don’t know how many cakes I’ve had in my face and hair, all of the costumes we had, and the fact that we were a family.” Raven adds of first connecting with Anneliese, “We are still close today, we chilled after the show ended.

It was funny because, like, I’m this person: I don’t text you every day, I might not call you every day, you might hear from me maybe once a month. ’ So we had our moment there, we went out a couple times, but we’ve always taken care of each other on our off time.” We might say others are friendship goals, but really Raven and Anneliese invented the term.

stars went through just about everything side by side growing up and came out on top.In their inter-dimensional world, Raven, Arella's daughter by Trigon, was born.